Visol Lydia Torch Flame Lighters

A small, sexy and incredible lighter that provides a slender blue flame as well, the Lydia is a wonderful women’s lighter that never misses the mark, especially when that lighter comes with a lovely array of floral display of a creative and captivating conglomeration of genuine Austrian crystals and functions with the most modern advancements in torch flame technology, this banded and intricately designed beauty will leave all onlookers stunned with its style and service, perfectly placed to attract attention and impress all. This is exactly what the Lydia provides with its excellent service, alluring looks, and solid build. For a lighter that always gives its very best, look no further than the Lydia. Adjustable, refillable, and of the highest quality, the Lydia always makes a smart buy. Petite in size but powerful in force, the Lydia offers the same high quality torch flame build in a smaller package that easily transported anywhere. The Lydia works wonderfully anywhere as well, providing a solid flame from its single action ignition indoors and outdoors.