Kiribi Flint Pipe Lighters

Kiribi lighters are excellent feats of engineering. Made in Japan, with detailed craftsmanship, they feature a an angled soft flame perfect for lighting pipes. Also, the body of each of lighter acts as the fuel tank, thus allowing for a larger fuel capacity than the average pipe lighter.

Here is why we think Kiribi are far more superior pipe lighters:

1) The traditional design is combined with modern world technology in creating the more solid lighter that is bound to last long time.

2) Brass, steel and nickel are used for the construction of the lighters. They are hand assembled in Japan with quality precision and better QC. We tested them here and found them to be working every single time.

3) The dualflame technology gives a wider flame ideal to light pipe evenly.

4) Refilling butane is very easy. It takes most brand of universal butane. It is very easy to replace flints. All you have to do is rotate the flint wheel screw counter-clockwise (ribbed end), remove spring, replace flint stone, put spring and screw back on.