Vector Premium Butane Refill (2 pack)
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Vector Premium Butane Refill (2 pack)

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Vector's quintuple refined fuel is the cleanest fuel available on the market. The quintuple refined fuel has virtually no impurities and will also help clear the jets on lighters which have been clogged by inferior fuel.
Each can contains 10.6 ounces (320 ml) of the best fuel on the planet for your lighters.

We highly recommend this refill for all butane lighters.

-Ships to Continental US only (No P.O. Boxes)
-Five Times Refined
-Use in all butane refillable lighters
-Won't cause clogged burner valves or misfires

Always ships separately via UPS Ground.

Reviews 4.33 out of 5 stars (6 Reviews)

Works great with my Blazer not so great with my Lotus. To be fair the Lotus just might be too sick for any fuel to help. One fault Vector shares with just about all other refills is excessive leaking around the stem when refilling my lighter. I probably loose more fuel by leakage than I do lighting cigars. by Russell R. Sep 20, 2014

seems ok, don't really know by . Jun 21, 2014

for me, this is the fuel to use for reliability! by john r. May 17, 2014

the shipping was really fast and the price is also pretty good by . Feb 19, 2014

It has been used and seems to be good by Midge W. Jan 9, 2013

Bought this to use with my Zippo flexible utility lighter. Worked with the default tip, but nice that they provide a range of other adapters. Not a butane expert, but this fuel seems to work well and burn clean. by Maxwell E. Jun 13, 2012